Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 1862: "Groceries and Produce"

As the Richmond Daily Dispatch reported on December 31, 1862, the price of groceries was rising steeply. Note the difference in the price of whiskey in Richmond and in Cincinnati, Ohio at the end of the article.
Groceries and Produce.

--The markets at the present time develop nothing new in the course of trade, and there will be nothing of interest to report after New Year's. The transactions in groceries are small, without any noticeable change in price, and it is useless to repeat quotations. For grocery grades of Sugar the demand will doubtless keep up prices until the supply can be vastly increased. Molasses sales high, and the difficulties in the ay of transportation have a visible effect on the market. There is nothing doing in Wheat, and the mills will not resume operations until after the close of the holidays Corn remains at $3 per bushel, wholesale price, and recent auction sales in the neighboring country are reported at $15 per barrel. The trade in Leaf Tobacco is temporarily suspended. It is the opinion of well informed men that business will open with renewed animation early in January. In Manufactured Tobacco there is still considerable activity. We heard of a sale of $5,000 worth yesterday at $1.13 to $1.15. Bacon is unchanged. Butter is selling by the package at $1.25 for inferior, and $1.50 for a good article. Potatoes, Flour, and other articles of general consumption, continue at last quotations. Venison is selling at 75 cents per lb., and country sausage at the same price. By the close of this week it is proposed to present an accurate list of quotations to show the ruling prices at the beginning of the year 1863.

Liquors.--We notice a considerable advance in Liquors, under the hands of speculators A prime article of Apple Brandy now commands $20 per gallon, with an advancing tendency; and Whiskey $25 to $30. It may be interesting to state here that the latest quotations of Whiskey in the Cincinnati market is 35 cents per gallon.

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