Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 17, 1863: The diary of Horatio Nelson Taft

Horatio Nelson Taft was an examiner for the U.S. Patent Office in Washington, DC.
Washington Tuesday Feb. 17th 1863.

Today we have a real old “fashioned Snow Storm.” It has snowed all day. The weather is mild and the snow melted fast, but it is about seven inches deep tonight on a level, a greater body of snow than we have had this three or four years. The side walks are deep with “spash” and I have not been out since I came in about four o’clock. I went from the office on to 7th St and staid an hour at Ballentines Book Store looking over the books, Maps, and Photographs, did not buy anything. Came to my room with feet somewhat wet, but a good fire soon made “all right.” There is no news of any fighting just now. The weather and the roads are not favorable for such amusements on land. An important Bill passed the Senate last night to enrol the whole Militia force of the U.S. No one exempt but governors of States, all betwen 20 & 45 included and liable to draft. It passed unanimously. The Rebellion is to be put down at any cost of men and money. I am over “forty five” by 12 years but am not realy older than many men of fifty. I may volunteer yet if necessary. I am a volunteer now. The members of the “Union League” are all “Minute Men” “armed to the teeth” and always ready. We have pledged our lives in support of the Govt. Let Traitors South or North beware. There will soon be an irresistable power in the land, ready for all emergencies. I think myself that the Rebellion is near crushed out now than it has been for six months past.

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