Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 1863: Arthur J. Fremantle leaves New York City

The New York City draft riots continued to rage as Arthur J. Fremantle made his way to the docks and boarded the British liner China for his journey home to Great Britain.
15th July (Wednesday).—The hotel this morning was occupied by military, or rather by creatures in uniform. One of the sentries stopped me; and on my remonstrating to his officer, the latter blew up the sentry, and said, "You are only to stop persons in military dress—don't you know what military dress is?" "No," responded this efficient sentry—and I left the pair discussing the definition of a soldier. I had the greatest difficulty in getting a conveyance down to the water. I saw a stone barricade in the distance, and heard firing going on—and was not at all sorry to find myself on board the China.

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