Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 1863: "High Prices" in the Daily Dispatch.

Critics had mocked Winfield Scott's plan for defeating the South, but few were laughing by the summer of 1863.
The editors of the Daily Dispatch in Richmond, Virginia editorialized on the subjects of high food prices and the theft of food by straggling soldiers.
High Prices.

--Vegetables, meats, butter, &c., continue to command exorbitant prices in the markets, and those prices will inevitably go up, unless the Government takes steps to prevent the destruction of the growing crops by straggling soldiers. In the immediate vicinity of Richmond enough vegetables would be made to supply the markets but for the vast amount destroyed by stragglers, who prowl the country day and night, and spread destruction in their paths. A few bad men turned loose in each neighborhood can do a vast deal of damage, as well as disgrace their better companions. With proper camp regulations the destruction of crops would readily be guarded against.

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