Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, 1863: Rose O'Neal Greenhow runs the Blockade

Rose O'Neal Greenhow in federal confinement earlier in the war. 

After being imprisoned a short time as a suspected Confederate spy, Rose O'Neal Greenhow had been released on the condition that she stay within the Confederacy and not spy. On this day 150 years ago, Greenhow wrote to friends from the island of Bermuda. She had just successfully run the Blockade on her way to Great Britain.

St George Bermuda
August 13th [1863]

My Good friend

I have as you will see arrived here in despite of Yankee crusiers who gave us a close chase all the way. I was seasick of course but I am now entirely recoverd and enjoying the dolce faneanti of this seducing climate with its beauti[ful] tropical trees and fruits.

I shall leave here the middle of the coming week en route for Southampton. And when I reach this point I will tell you your impressions of matters and things. I have met with kind friends Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Walker with whom I spend all my time are very charming and cultured people. He is certainly a most indefatigable and valuable officer to the Confederacy and by his prudence and high trust conduct him the consideration of all here, and is there by enabled to render service to the country of a magnitude that would be startling if it were prudent to speak yet.

My good friend I thank you for your salutation and kind wishes towards me. I trust that I shall always be as fortunate as to retain the officers whose appreciation elevates me and my own esteem.

With my best wishes and friendship,

Rose ON Greenhow

To Col A A Boteler

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