Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7, 1863: "Destruction of Rolling Stock"

From the Richmond Sentinel:
September 7, 1863

Destruction of Rolling Stock

The loss of locomotives and rolling stock at Grenada and along the Mississippi Central railroad, though very severe, is not altogether irreparable. A day or two since we conversed with a chief officer of the New Orleans and Jackson railroad {New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern RR} on the subject. He said that twenty-five excellent locomotives were injured, but that they could be hauled away, carried to a machine shop, repaired and made to do good service again. The wheel, bolts, etc., of the passenger and freight cars are uninjured -- some of them require but slight repairs -- and most of them can be put to work again by the appliances of skill and industry. Our informant was very much disgusted with the whole affair, says that a party of fifteen hundred Yankees from the Yazoo did all the damage, and cannot understand why a force of thousands should be kept idle in the pine woods where there is nothing to guard, while a point at which there were millions of invaluable property should be left unprotected. Well, there is no use grumbling about it. Let us save all we can, and agree "never to do so any more," if we are let off this time.

Meridian Clarion

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