Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8, 1863: Lee is sending part of his army to Bragg

Lieutenant General James Longstreet commanded a Corps sent by Robert E. Lee to reinforce Braxton Bragg.
Confederate war clerk John B. Jones wrote in his diary about the passage of part of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia on its way to reinforce General Braxton Bragg south of Chattanooga.
September 8th.—We have nothing further from Charleston, to-day, except that the enemy is not yet in possession of Sumter.

Mr. Seddon, Secretary of War, said to Mr. Lyons, M. C., yesterday, that he had heard nothing of Gen. Lee’s orders to march a portion of his army to Tennessee. That may be very true; but, nevertheless, 18,000 of Lee’s troops (a corps) is already marching thitherward.

A report on the condition of the military prisons, sent in to-day, shows that there is no typhoid fever, or many cases of other diseases, among the prisoners of war. Everything is kept in cleanliness about them, and they have abundance of food, wholesome and palatable. The prisoners themselves admit these facts, and denounce their own government for the treatment alleged to be inflicted on our men confined at Fort Delaware and other places.

An extra session of the legislature is now sitting. The Governor’s message is defiant, as no terms are offered; but he denounces as unjust the apportionment of slaves, in several of the counties, to be impressed to work on the defenses, etc.

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