Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12, 1864: The diary of Mary Boykin Chesnut

After John Hunt Morgan escaped from the Ohio Penitentiary he became a hero to the Confederacy. When Morgan made his way to Richmond, he was feted by the city and his fellow Confederate Kentuckians.
January 12th. - To-night there will be a great gathering of Kentuckians. Morgan gives them a dinner. The city of Richmond entertains John Morgan. He is at free quarters. The girls dined here. Conny Cary came back for more white feathers. Isabella had appropriated two sets and obstinately refused Constance Cary a single feather from her pile. She said, sternly: "I have never been on the stage before, and I have a presentiment when my father hears of this, I will never go again. I am to appear before the footlights as an English dowager duchess, and I mean to rustle in every feather, to wear all the lace and diamonds these two houses can compass" - (mine and Mrs. Preston's). She was jolly but firm, and Constance departed without any additional plumage for her Lady Teazle.

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