Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 20, 1864: The Battle of Olustee

The Battle of Olustee
On this day 150 years ago, a Union force under Brigadier General Truman Seymour suffered a repulse at the Battle of Olustee, or Ocean Pond. Seymour had, at first, assumed he was engaging militia which he thought he could just brush aside. As a result, he committed his forces piecemeal against what turned out to be regular Confederate regular forces in a dug in position. The result was a Union rout. Disaster was averted by a rear guard action of the 54th Massachusetts. The defeat was announced in the following terse message from Truman Seymour.
SANDERSON, February 20, 1864.

General TURNER.

Have met the enemy at Olustee and now falling back. Many wounded. Think I may be compelled to go to Baldwin, but shall go to Barber's immediately. Fribley, killed; Sammon, Hamilton, Myrick, wounded; seven guns lost. A devilish hard rub.


Brigadier General Truman Seymour, U.S. Army

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