Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 1864: The Diary of Mary Boykin Chesnut

On this day 150 years ago, Mary Boykin Chesnut wrote in her diary that she feared Atlanta was lost, though official news had not yet reached her in Camden, South Carolina. Chesnut, shrewder than many Confederate diarists, feared that the loss of Atlanta would lead to the loss of the war by the Confederacy.
September 2d. - The battle has been raging at Atlanta, and our fate hanging in the balance. Atlanta, indeed, is gone. Well, that agony is over. Like David, when the child was dead, I will get up from my knees, will wash my face and comb my hair. No hope; we will try to have no fear.

At the Prestons' I found them drawn up in line of battle every moment looking for the Doctor on his way to Richmond. Now, to drown thought, for our day is done, read Dumas's MaƮtres d 'Armes. Russia ought to sympathize with us. We are not as barbarous as this, even if Mrs. Stowe's word be taken. Brutal men with unlimited power are the same all over the world. See Russell's India - Bull Run Russell's. They say General Morgan has been killed. We are hard as stones; we sit unmoved and hear any bad news chance may bring. Are we stupefied?

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